2016 Quinta

Wreckless Blenders 2016 Quinta


Touriga 56%, Tempranillo 15%, Tinta Cao 13%, Souzao 6%, Tinta Amarela 5% and Merlot 5%.


The versatile Portuguese word quinta might mean estate to some, Thursday to others… to us, it means five Iberian beauties in a bottle; laughter and play and raging battles, all resolved in poetry.

From Andy and Elizabeth Standeven’s Earthly El Dorado garden of grapes, we gladly unleash the characters in this play… and their parts are:

Touriga 56%, Tempranillo 15%, Tinta Cao 13%, Souzao 6%, Tinta Amarela 5% and Merlot 5%.

As for the word quinta, we wrecklessly celebrate its versatility, and for you, its just a saca rolhas away.

2016 Sangiovese

Wreckless Blenders 2016 Sangiovese


100% Gibson Ranch Sangiovese


One mention of Chianti and the sugarplum fairies put up pictures of Vespa scooters and the Leaning Tower of Pizza, and maybe The David and some plates of stunningly delicious food eaten overlooking the sea… Maybe thoughts of naughty debauchery in Pompeii before the lid came crashing down…we think of such scenes and many more with every sip.

Roberto Gibsoni has been delivering first-rate Sangiovese grapes to the Wreckless Blenders since 1996 from his estate on the Mendocino-Tuscan border…Lilting, elegant, seductive…oh my.

2016 Merlot

Wreckless Blenders 2016 Merlot


97% Merlot

3% Sagrantino


There’s two types of merlot out there…merlot, and Wreckless merlot. What makes it Wreckless? It’s gotta have backbone to hang all that flesh on. A big backbone. And it must have character, in the same way that our favorite pirate of yore has character. Charm, courage, swashbuckling sexuality, outrageous wit and a longing sense of adventure, with balance enough to stay on course. The El Dorado sunshine pours right out of the bottle, so pop this cork and let the journey begin!

2016 Touriga

Wreckless Blenders 2016 Touriga


100% Shaker Ridge Touriga


A quote from the original Planet of the Grapes, 1968

GEORGE TAYLOR: “I’m a seeker too. But my dreams aren’t like yours. I can’t help thinking that somewhere in the universe there has to be something better than Cabernet Sauvignon. Has to be…”

From the sunny west coast of the Iberian Peninsula grows a grape called Touriga. When first crushed the dark blue berries release a bright, floral aroma portending the wine to come. We wrecklessly say it is akin to Portuguese Zinfandel. How wreckless are you?

2016 Barbera

Wreckless Blenders 2016 Barbera


100% Shaker Ridge Barbera


Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, dreamed one tempestuous night of a mighty river flowing red, fragrant wine. By the light of the new moon, he tossed in his toga as lightning flashed across the sky. Like the bright freshness of a perfect red wine rolling across his godlike palate, thunder rolled over those ancient Italian hills. Bacchus smiled that smile he reserved for his favorite among the Nyads, a saucy sprite named Barbera… her brash wit, stinging delivery, and her long, lasting humor amused Bacchus to no end. He called her a party in a bottle. We wrecklessly concur.

2015 Touriga

Wreckless Blenders, 2015 Touriga

It’s BACK! This grape from the Iberian Peninsula was a huge hit In its first 2013 release. This wine provides a counterpoint to the Wreckless selections where folks have discovered earthy, sagey, mushroomy, and tea flavors. Great dark color and tannins gives this wine flexibility as enjoyable alone or with hearty meals.

Blend and Vineyard

Shaker Ridge Vineyard El Dorado, 5% Merlot, 5% Sangiovese.


2015 Barbera

Shaker Ridge Vineyard El Dorado County, 10% Merlot.

Elizabeth and Andy’s grapes are showing incredible consistency year in and year out. Loaded with crisp cherry flavors, the shot of Merlot provides a background canvas of elegant tannins. Another wine to enjoy with a range of dishes from pasta to scaloppini but also enjoyed sipping in the cool Delta Breeze.

2015 Sangiovese

Wreckless Blenders, 2015 Sangiovese

Bob Gibson Vineyard, Mendocino County, 5% Merlot

Long standing club members are well aware of the quality wine produced from Bob’s grapes as this wine sells out very quickly! The depth of flavors in this wine were so tantalizing that the WBs agreed to only a minimal blend of Merlot just to provide a more lasting finish. Pasta, Pasta, more Pasta!